Jason Cooper




If you haven’t worked it out yet, my name is Jason and I’m a Designer.
Originally based in London, where I worked my way up the ladder becoming a Creative Director before venturing to brighter climates on the sunny shores of Sydney.

I love all design, but specialise in Branding. Working with products and services is what really gets me excited. I value working closely with my clients and delving into extensive research to truly understand their business. How and why it is special and unique, who is the intended audience? What do they stand for? Who is the competition? My goal is to help brands become living, breathing expressions of what the brand is about.

Each project is approached with the same underlying principles, whether it’s a brand or design:
How can we be different, clear, consistent, focusing on the core message, key take-aways for the user and using creativity to ensure the results are engaging. 

I am always ready for the next given opportunity.


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